360 Systems products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. This warranty includes parts and labor.

This warranty excludes products that have been modified, repaired by unauthorized personnel, or damaged by abuse, improper operation, dirt, or electrostatic discharge.

360 Systems assumes no liability whatsoever for real or consequential damages, loss of profits, inconvenience or any other losses due to non-operation of its products.

360 Systems’ sole liability under this limited warranty shall be the repair or replacement of defective products or components. Products being returned under warranty shall be sent to 360 Systems or one of its foreign service centers, freight prepaid, in the original or equivalent packaging.

Within 1 Year – Repair

Products that have become defective or non-operational within the 1-year warranty period will be repaired at no charge. Returned units must be shipped to 360 Systems, freight pre-paid. The repaired product will be returned by “best way” freight, prepaid by 360 Systems.

After 1 Year – Repair

Products that become defective or non-operational after the 1-year warranty period will be repaired at the hourly labor rate plus parts, shipping and handling. The units must be shipped to 360 Systems, freight pre-paid. All repair charges are pre-paid only.

Residual Warranty

The product warranty covers products through their first year, even if they have been repaired previously. The warranty DOES NOT extend or begin again as a consequence of repairs having been made previously.

Standard Freight Policy

All warranty repairs/replacements will be returned by the “best way” freight. All non-warranty repairs/replacements will be shipped as specified by the customer. 360 Systems will add the freight charges to the total repair bill or ship on the customers FedEx or UPS account. Shipments are the responsibility of the customer once they leave our loading dock. We will insure goods only at customer’s request and expense.

Payment Policy for Customer Service Charges

All customer service charges must be pre-paid unless the customer is on a 360 Systems open account with terms and is in good standing. These customers are to issue a purchase order for the repair and email or fax a copy. No exceptions will be made.

Schedule of Rates and Fees

Hourly Labor Rates
Non-warranty service $120.00/hour 2.5 hour minimum